18 Kalimat Umum dalam Surat Rekomendasi Bahasa Inggris

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18 Kalimat Umum dalam Surat Rekomendasi Bahasa Inggris
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Kalimat kalimat yang biasa dipakai dalam surat rekomendasi.
✓ I am happy to write a recommendation for Dr. Azzari who has applied for a Research Training Fellowship.
✓ I write in support of Dr. Abdul Rasyid for a Research Training Award. 

✓ I am writing in support of Dr. Hasan who has applied for a Research Training Fellowship and who would like to work in your laboratory if he was given an award. 

✓ I am delighted to write on behalf of Dr. Anwar who is currently working with us and has applied for an International Fellowship. 

✓ I write in reply to your request for information con-cerning Dr. Syaiful who has applied for an International Fellowship. 

✓ I have been acquainted with Dr. Siddique since August 1992 when he commenced working for the degree of Docto-r of Engineering in the Department of Applied Chemistry. During the past three years he has shown remarkable determination and originality in his approach to research. He is particularly good at picking up ideas and techniques relevant to his work. 

✓ Dr. Syarif has been working for the degree of Doctor of Science in our laboratory for 3 years since 1991. He has completed the experimental part of his work and should soon have finished writing his thesis. 

✓ During that year and the time we have subsequently spent together, I have formed a high opinion of his ability. He has an excellent mind, thinks quickly and rapidly grasps new facts and concepts.

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✓ Through this work he has gained a basic knowledge of epidemiologica methods as applied to cancer research. 

✓ The nature of type of work has necessitated a marked degree of technical skill and preseverance which she has demonstrated ably over the past three years. 

✓ Dr. Usman is a strongly motivated research worker with a good technical background. We think he could make an intelligent and productive contribution to the line of research of the laboratory in which he will be working. 

✓ He is clearly highly motivated and is ‘/M1-read in the field of polymer science, especially in rheology. 
18 Kalimat Umum dalam Surat Rekomendasi Bahasa Inggris
✓ Dr. Fadeel works hard and has proved to be an efficient experimentalist, designing and executing experiments which have given informative results. 

✓ He is a very intelligent and dedicated young scientist with imagination and the ability to translate his ideas into practice. 

✓ To the best of my krtowledge, the candidate has all the requirements necessary to make a good research fellow and therefore I recommend him strongly. 

✓ She is a very conscientious student, competent and reliable in her work. 

✓ I am sure that he has the potential to be a reliable research worker, versatile, and adaptable. 

✓ He is a pleasant young man and eager to engage in research. 
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